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The fair will showcase the charitable works rendered by Hindu spiritual organisations.Apart from that, the themes of the fair will educate the people about the importance of preserving forests and ecology for sustainable environment, promoting patriotism, and respecting parents,Teachers and women.

Over hundred persons from India, US and Europe who were concerned about the future and role of Hindu-Buddhist civilisation in a world where power was shifting to Asia, met in Ahmedabad in December-January 2006. Led by eminent and strategic thinkers, they discussed how, in the background of the perceived cultural and civilisational clashes, the global discourse dominated by Abrahamic and Western perspectives needed a paradigm shift and the time had come for non-conflicting Eastern civilisations, namely Hindu-Buddhist-Jain-Sikh traditions, to play more prominent role to promote dialogue for conflict avoidance among civilisations.

Recent HSSF Fairs